About ME



My name is Norie Wah Day and I’m a graphic designer and letterpress foil printer based in Cairns, North Queensland.

Growing up my parents were in the airforce and I was born in Japan on an American Airbase. I guess that’s where my love of paper probably started. I spent my early years with a Japanese mama-san until we arrived in Sydney, Australia when I was two and a half. We moved to a mining town called Weipa which my grandparents lived. When I was 7 my parents decided to move to Cairns. I went to school in Brisbane and then was accepted into art college when university was free. I studied Commercial Art which is now known as graphic design. I worked as a Designer for 20 years at the Cairns TAFE. I’ve created interactive programs and workbooks for the AQUACULTURE and RATEP program and won a design award for my work. 

I was curious about letterpress and the techniques you can use to create beautiful stationery. I called my printing press Rehua because the machine came from New Zealand. Rehua is one of the most famous stars with the Maori. He is said to have taken to wife Peke-hawani, the issue being Rūhi-te-rangi from whom sprung all food products cultivated by man.  

I’m super blessed to be married to a cute Chinese guy who I met at a wedding. We have two beautiful daughters together and three fur kids.  We go on trips together, love music and are young at heart. 

I’m inspired by the nature around me, simple things and the love people have for each other.

If you like my style lets create x