Romantic Blush and Ivory Colours for 2019!


blush and ivory wedding invitations with blush and ivory wedding dress and grooms suit

One of the wedding colours for 2019 is  a variety of shades of blush and ivory. This is a gorgeous colour combination for brides and grooms, who are willing to take on the challenge of this baby colour. 

The grooms of today, have a style sense of their own by breaking the traditions of grey and black coloured suits. The only problem with this photo that I have picked is that the guy is not wearing socks and I hate that with a passion. 

The dressed featured is a dress by Vera Wang who I adore and love as a designer. Brides are able to break away from the  white dress and bring beautiful pastel pink colours for that romantic feeling.

Let's get back to the invitations inspired by the blush and ivory colours. 

1. Beautiful dress by Vera Wang

2. Blush Wedding Set ~Blush Invites by RoseGoldandCopper

3. You can purchase this design at Etsy

4. A beautiful pink letterpress invitation with a lace design.

5. Imagine having your envelopes written in this gorgeous ink. Get this Blush calligraphy ink by Oh Wonder Calligraphy

6.This beautiful invitation is by Pink Teapot Design and Letterpress Melbourne wedding invitations

7. Suit by short_of_heights

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